Happy Math, Science & English Camp

for Sainampeung School Students (Gades 7-9 under Mini English Program)

organized by Math Express under the director of the camp Dr. Atichart Kettapun

December 2-4, 2012 at Holiday Garden Hotel and Resort, Chiang Mai


¤Եʵ Էʵ ѧʹآ

Ѻѡ¹дѺѸ֡һշ 1-3 ç Mini English Program (MEP)

ç¹¹Ӽ 㹾ػ ا෾ҹ

Ѵ·ҹ Math Epxress .͵Ԫҵ ࡵоѹ 繼ӹ¡ä

ѹ 2-4 ѹ 2555 ç§ 鹷 ͹ ѧѴ§


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About this camp


        This camp was organized for MEP students from Sainampeung School. The director of the camp is Dr. Atichart Kettapun from Chiang Mai University who had organized more than 50 youth academic camps in both English and Thai for students around the country. Although the core subjects in this camp were mathematics and science, all activities were run in English by university lecturers from Chiang Mai University for each subject. This camp theme was "learning by doing". Therefore, we allowed students think and learn by doing experiments. Moreover, we have some recreation activities and also some trips in Chiang Mai city for students to relax.


        Our main activities in this camp are the following:


Mathematics Station : Mathematics in Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, Human Body, Art and Architecture
Physics Station : Have Fun with Electricity
Chemistry Station : Colorful Chemistry
Biology Station : Plant Adaptation for Seed Dispersal
Astronomy Station : Wonderful Sky Observation
Integrated Science Station : Using Mathematics and Science for Archeological Study at Wat Umong
Special Talk : Archeological Study in Thailand by Using Mathematics and Science

Talent Show
Impression Moment Activity
Visiting Sunday Chiang Mai Walking Street
Visiting Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep  



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More photos are available to be viewed at Math Express Facebook.


Comments from participants

"§㨴ҡ ѺԴͺ˹ҷҡ ͺԨ Chemistry Station : Colorful Chemistry ǡ Astronomy Station : Wonderful Sky Observation Ҿդ ҡըѴա"

..Ѵ طس ѡ¹Ѹ֡һշ 1/11

"价Ӻح ٴ§ ʶҹѡзѺзҹҴ ѡѺ 㨴йѡ"

..Ҿ ෾ҭ ѡ¹Ѹ֡һշ 1/12

"§ѡء ǡѴиҵش෾, ҴԹ բͧҡ¤ ԨͺءԨ ԷҡêͺԹ ͫ ǡ絴¤ ءѡ ǡͺسзѴԨ ҡվ§ѡҧ繾§ǡҺФ"

..þ ѡ¹Ѹ֡һշ 1/12

"÷Ҥ¹ ֧ҷ ǡ˹֡١ѹѺǡҡ ءФѧ ǧ ѧ㨾ǡ˹ٵʹ 3 ѹҹ ˹٨Шҹ仵ʹ ͡˹ҡ;ա ش¹դآФ ˹ѡД "

..ó ح ѡ¹Ѹ֡һշ 1/12

"ͺسء´žǡ չ繻áҤ MEP ֡ҡ ҡҼҹ ҡ˹;ա ѡء"

..Ԫ ѳԵ ѡ¹Ѹ֡һշ 1/11

"ͺԨٴǤ дٷا෾ / §ءҡ ʺѡҡ Էҡͺǡҡ ҡ ѡдǡʺ¤ Special thank ʺ ءͧ 絤¤§ͺسҡ դآѺ¹ҡ¤"

..ԡ ɰҹ ѡ¹Ѹ֡һշ 2/11

"зѺ㨾§СԨءҧ ءѡҡ ҡк͡ ˹ѡǡ ѡ§ Ƕ͡ ͡ѹաФ"

..Ҿ ѡ¹Ѹ֡һշ 2/12

"ͺسʵҿѡ ˹ٻзѺ㨾ءҡ¤ ء㨴 ѡ Ѹ´ҡ ǡ˹ еͧ¹ҨѴԨ ʹ˹ ѡФͺ蹡Ѻǡ˹ ˹价ȹ֡㹷ҧ çҴº § ͺس"

..ѭѵ ʧо ѡ¹Ѹ֡һշ 3/11

"ͺԨٴ Ѵҡ СԨ ʶҹ ¹˹͹ա椹 ѡͧҡ Ҫͺҧҹ˹ҡ¹ͪ .4 "

..Ѫ ਵاԹ ѡ¹Ѹ֡һշ 3/11

"ͺ .͵Ԫҵ͸Ժ §Ŵҡ á ҧҧ״˹ Ԩͺش 仴ٴ зا෾մ 件ԹѧԹҡ "

..ó ൪ ѡ¹Ѹ֡һշ 3/11